Our Social Ministries


Apostolic Pentecostal Assembly Trust is continuously moving with its regular program on its own as well in partnership with various organizations, Apostolic Pentecostal Assembly Trust Ministries is growing year by year the support of well-wishers and kind heart people we pleased to share brief report on our activities.


We provided school notebooks, uniforms and other educational materials to the needy poor students in and around vandavasi area and Thiruvanamalai District. We do this once in a year and whenever the need comes. We are arranging like free tuition to those who are week in the studies.


We are helping orphan children to come up in their life by providing educational supplies, uniforms, food and other essential needs. Moreover, we are motivating them to work hard in their studies to come up in their life. Our aim is to bring holistic development in the life of orphan children and give care to the abandoned children. At present, we are doing this program by local donation and local kind support.


The HIV / AIDS infected people need more medical support and nutritious food and above all they need love and concern. Therefore, we are providing medical support, nutritious food and counseling to the infected people. We are also helping HIV / AIDS affected family, especially small children. We are also continuously involving in AIDS prevention and control program for the high and higher secondary students and village grassroots leader.


At Apostolic Pentecostal Assembly we strongly believe that the desired changes in the lives of these widows and all other needy poor people around us will come, only when more and more privileged people proactively participate in finding solutions to problems. we continually working in developing these people by providing dresses and foods and economical support.


Apamission is a non-profit organization dedicated to programs which provide free medical care to the poor and needy in India. One such program is established by our founder Rev.B.E.Samuel, through local doctors, provides free surgical and medical treatment to rural India by holding week-long camps in select rural areas.We have a committed and trained team of locals who organize free s, setup eye-clinics and distribute food for villagers in TamilNadu. Doctors, dentists and nurses have given up their free time to support these initiatives.Help us help those who need it with your donation so we can arrange transportation of patients and doctors, distribution of food, finance medical operations and equipment and the training of nurses.